Significance About Education In UK

Significance About Education In UK

Education is one of the most important factors that contribute to development. It is the learning and getting to know new things. In the United Kingdom, the CSA (Child Support Agency) is responsible for providing a system of child support where non-resident parents are supposed to pay for the upbringing and maintenance of their children. The CSA phone number is able to support education. The results of good education include;

Improves Productivity

· – Receiving quality education ensures one to have a secure future and determines the growth of a country’s output e.g. in agriculture, education improves productivity since there is use of modern technology among farmers. The productivity of a nation increases because there has been an acquisition of new skills and discovering of one’s talents. The world is a very competitive place and the jobs go to people with the right training and education, hence through education, individuals are able to choose jobs that are fulfilling to them. This allows people to become authors of their own lives.


· -The signicance of Education is that it expands our minds to new ideas and views. People have different points of view, a person who is educated is able to understand these views unlike one who is uneducated. This is because education widens our thinking capacity enabling us to be open to new information.

Creates awareness

· – Through education, we get to learn of our rights, services that we are allowed to access and most importantly inform us about how to differentiate between right and wrong, the good and bad. This in return helps us become better citizens to our country.

Growth of Confidence

· -Education gives one confidence enabling us to believe in ourselves and have a positive attitude towards life. Education helps us to have the confidence to rely on ourselves and therefore be able to come up with great business ideas which in turn become profit making ventures.

Right decision making

· – Decision making is a compulsory part of our lives. Throughout our lives we make decisions which are very challenging. Education is able to make decision-making easier and prevent losses which would have been met if one did not have the right knowledge and skills.

Better income

· -Education leads to equality in income and in return favours economic growth. An educated person has the advantage of having a wide range of job opportunities unlike a person who is uneducated since his/her skills are limited to e.g. manual labour with poor income. The more people get educated the more the individual income per capita grows and as a result greater economic growth.

Better Citizens

· – Education makes citizens responsible. Learning about the history and culture of our county helps us appreciate the nation and fulfil our duties as citizens. A person who is educated makes a better citizen since he/she understands what is required of them.


Evidently, education is a great determinant in economic growth, individuals have improved opportunities for innovations and inventions, advanced knowledge for better research and increased social cohesion among citizens. All these are for the greater good of the economy of the country putting it on a platform of being able to compete internationally with other countries.

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