Effective Ways of Workplace Communication

Effective Ways of Workplace Communication

Workplace communication is a term used to refer to the passing or exchange of information among individual employees, groups of employees, and within different teams in an organisation. Every working firm has people from different parts of the country and from various age groups. Making communication that is suitable and understood easily by all employees is crucial for the successful functioning of the organisation. Communication in a workplace takes place at different levels, and the means of communication and the language used change according to those involved. Communication between two employees can be a lot different from that of an employer and an employee or one from the employer to an entire group of employees. 

If you are a working professional, you would know how you receive information about various events that have been arranged for employees, meetings that have been scheduled, salary benefits, the introduction of new schemes and so on. All types of communication in a workplace regarding any event nowadays are mostly done via mail. This is because emails are the easiest and the fastest means of communication to a comparatively large group of people.

Emails can be regarding anything. Communication about most official topics such as attendance regularisation, salary credits, information about meetings, end of the day reports, information about particular requirements, etc., are usually sent as text information via email. A leave application also falls under this category. All of these are drafted carefully using short, clear and concise sentences, directed to merely inform the employees or employers about a particular piece of information.

Most workplaces today are seen to take initiatives to organise events to engage the employees. It is no longer all work and no play. Most IT and edtech companies are seeing to it that their employees have a very comfortable workspace and also hosting events that would keep them entertained and stress-free.

Every now and then, employees seem to receive updates on such events. Most often, this kind of information is provided through notices. Notice writing is a form of writing in which only the most important information is provided. Notices can also have images; they can be designed creatively as they are intended to get the attention of the employees. As most information is just out there in a notice and does not require the receiver to read through intensely, it can be considered to be one of the most effective ways of communication. Some companies are seen to go out of their way to create animated and interactive notices. These, however, are not just for the employees. Sometimes, there are events organised for its beneficiaries and those availing of their services.

Advertisements on the common cloud-based human capital management software are also another means of communication. This can be used only when the information is intended just for the employees.

Now that you know the different means of communication used in a workplace, just try conducting a survey and analysing which of these methods have proven to be the most effective and have the best outcomes and participation from the employees.

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