The ultimate guide to outsourced sales with five do’s and don’ts

The ultimate guide to outsourced sales with five do's and don'ts

The process of sending a portion of your sales process to a third party or agency is known as sales outsourcing. Market research, lead creation, and even ordinary sales operations like outbound calling and answering inbound calls be outsourced. You can also outsource most of the sales process to a third-party firm. You can find more info in this article.

Businesses that lack appropriate resources, such as labor or time, to grow their sales process often consider outsourcing. Let’s face it: without the right tools, salespeople would spend less time selling. A typical salesperson spends most of his time updating excel sheets and status, traveling to meetings, filling out timesheets, and other administrative tasks. 

Sales representatives spend only 30% of their time selling. Sales outsourcing allows salespeople to concentrate on what they do best: selling. Outsourcing sales can enable sales teams to focus on higher-level tactical activities or tactics, allowing them to be more flexible.

Benefits of Sales outsourcings

  • New markets: You’re a growing startup trying to expand into new regions or markets, but you don’t have the sales resources or talent to do it.
  • Budget restrictions: You don’t have enough money to hire excellent salespeople.
  • Small group: You have a small sales team that can’t keep up with the volume of leads coming in.
  • Resources are scarce: Your sales team’s inability to handle certain sales functions due to a lack of expertise.
  • Overloading on manual tasks: Your sales force is swamped with administrative responsibilities, leaving little time to sell.

Drawbacks of sales outsourcing

  • Transparency is lacking.

You never really know what you’re paying for when you outsource work to an agency. Everything hinges on your confidence in that brand. You have faith in them to produce the leads and meetings they promised.

  • Quality is poor.

Cheap and quick does not always imply quality. In today’s world, it’s usually for a BDR to be tasked with booking roughly ten new appointments every week via cold outreach. When asked if they met these targets, the answer is nearly always a resounding “no.” When a full-time employee who has been taught to know and understand your business from top to bottom cannot complete the task? Typically, it would be best to discover that the quality of scheduled meetings or leads generated is relatively poor. According to many companies, these encounters rarely result in actual closed deals.

  • There is no long-term strategy.

Paying for an outsourced BDR team is similar to paying for PPC (pay per click) campaigns. You will get some outcomes as long as you keep paying an agency. However, once you stop paying, you’re left with no sales team, process, or understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Final thoughts

Your sales force spends most of their time on repetitive chores and documentation, which leaves them with fewer hours to focus on critical sales operations. Sales automation increases productivity by automating mundane tasks like meeting scheduling, updating lead databases, and generating reminders. Sales automation software also assists salespeople in making sense of data and receiving intelligent lead recommendations, which can save time and help close deals faster.

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