Getting the Right Property in Delhi for Students on Rent

Delhi is the national capital region of India, and is definitely one of the costly places to be in if you are considering to stay here on rent. Affordable properties in Delhi for students on rent are difficult to find. To begin with, most of the students either stay in college hostels or the usual paying guest accommodations. The problem with a paying guest accommodation is that most of them are overpriced or congested. Students usually take up a flat and then share the costs of the same in order to have a better place.

What is a better property option?

If you are confused with what kind of property to rent then maybe you should consider several factors in your mind before you go ahead, the factors being convenience, price and conveyance. Convenience is costly in a place like Delhi as that means being located in a very posh area where the costs of rent are very high. Price again is a big decisive factor as price determines what areas you can consider to stay at, for e.g. Central Delhi and South Delhi are extremely posh and costly to be in and usually cost a lot more than the outskirts or the residential areas of the city. What also matters is how you choose to commute. With the metro coming in, it is far easier to commute with monthly and weekly passes than travelling in buses. 

Staying Close to Colleges

Of course, the normal option of travelling in buses still exists, but then the metro has made travelling to distant places easier. Having said that, you will find that places like Gurgaon which are located on the outskirts of the city are also not cheap to rent out, as they are equally costly thanks to the companies that have risen in and around that area. 

Most students prefer to stay in flats or houses on rent and share the premises among a group of four or five members. Paying guest accommodation on the other hand is better for those who want no responsibilities that come with renting out a house or a flat, and want an easy entry and exit terms while vacating the flat and comes with all the furnishing required without much investments from your side. 

How do you go searching?

Best option is to first think of an area that you would like to stay in, and then do some research on the kind of properties available including a paying guest accommodation, flat or a house; once you have zeroed in on this then it is time to find out the prices for each of the property types. Best thing is to find a reliable property broker/dealer who knows your needs or find the properties online and then go for a visit. However, given a place like Delhi, if you are a lady looking for the same premises then it would be preferable to look for well entrenched and well lit areas that are particularly safer after 6 in the evening, given the city’s reputation for the safety of its women population.

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