Why go for Wow internet?

Why go for Wow internet?

In the Midwest, you’ve probably heard of WOW!, a cable Internet, TV, and phone service provider. “WOW” stands for “Wide Open West,” and it’s an acronym for that. Many of our readers feel that WOW! is the greatest alternative accessible to them, despite the varied customer evaluations.

They are known for its streaming-friendly unlimited data policy and for providing local, reasonably priced bundles. Instead of being a brand name, WOW stands for Wide Open West cable internet, and the service offers some impressive features, such as: 100Mbps starting speeds; 200, 500, and even 1000Mbps speeds in the majority of locations; and Zero data caps. Wow also offers WOW Cable TV along with Internet. So all TV watchers! Don’t forget to check out the TV plans as well.

Plan + Cost 

A pop-up appears when you visit WOW’s website and asks you to select a place from a list (you can see a screenshot of that later on). Accordingly, the plans and price you are shown will be different depending on where you live, much like most Internet service providers. AT&T costs $50 a month for that speed, but you may only get 10% of it. In addition, Xfinity’s 60Mbps plan costs $29.99 per month.

As you rise through the ranks, you’ll find that WOW costs less than either of those opponents. As a result, WOW appears to be a decent value in terms of price.


The deals are only available for the first year of a two-year contract with WOW. You’ll see a $20 monthly price increase in months 13-24, and an additional $10 per month if you’re past the contract’s end. Ouch.

Additional charges and equipment costs

First, you’ll need a modem, which WOW is happy to rent to you for an additional $10 a month. However, if you want to use them for a long time, you can save money by purchasing one yourself.

Just make sure it’s WOW! compatible before you buy it. here. There are, however, a few additional costs to consider. If you don’t want any of these, you only have to worry about the one-time installation fee:

(Optional) A $5-a-month protection plan (Optional) For $50, you can get access to the Internet in your entire home.

While having a large home may benefit from adding the Whole-Home WiFi, it is not necessary for those with smaller ones.

WOW! All-inclusive Internet Packages

There are some decent bundle options with WOW, which can save you at least $20 per month, but WOW can’t compete with Xfinity, which can save you as much as $60 per month.

Additionally, WOW is offering free installation with online orders and a discount on the Whole-Home WiFi option for $500Mbps customers.

WOW! Speeds on the Internet

The FCC’s most recent report, however, contains no information about WOW. Other major cable carriers on which data is available either reached or exceeded claimed speeds, on the other hand, That’s consistent with past findings. In principle, WOW’s overall performance should be fine if the company follows industry trends.

The only way to know is to do your own experimentation.


Having absolutely unlimited data is one of WOWbest !’s features; no limits apply. It’s not uncommon for companies like Xfinity and AT&T to have data caps of 1TB. This is more than plenty for most people, as 1TB of 4K ultra-high definition video streaming represents around 400 hours of playback.

WOW! Customer Service 

A majority of internet users aren’t happy with their service providers. Unexpected price increases and poor internet speeds are only two of the many gripes that customers have. WOW isn’t any different.

Their online support page, on the other hand, is well-organized. Their FAQs, reference guides, and wi-fi advice all have their own sections. A variety of ways to contact the company are available to you.

WOW! People who want to cut the cord will find it easy to do so using the Internet. However, folks who wish to completely cut the cord can still use cable packages because they don’t have data caps. If you enjoy watching content on many large-screen devices, it’s a great option because of the relatively fast download speeds in much of their service area. Also, at their fastest rates, 4K video will playback without a glitch.

Streaming high-definition content is now possible at a reasonable cost thanks to affordable internet subscriptions. It can be costly to rent equipment, but you have the option of bringing your own. This will necessitate an initial financial outlay, but it will save you money in the long run.

WOW!’s problem is that the quality of service varies greatly from location to location because they are a smaller provider. To avoid paying the early termination charge on a contract, be careful to address any service issues.

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